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Welcome to Sonic Geographies: a research blog, user guide for audio recording tools, and digital scrapbook. These pages describe a range of stuff. Their main purpose is to ask how we might do things sonic-geographically – e.g., with an attention to the co-productive dynamics shaping acculturated articulations of sound, sense, and space.      

“Projects” spans collaborations with and from colleagues, students, and friends in Vancouver (CAN), Minneapolis (USA), Malmo (SWE), and the UK. “Resources” offers technical suggestions around popular audio tools (including tools that could be easily be incorporated into social science classes). In “Syllabi”, I collect some old course modules I co-developed for a UBC Geography course and lay out some new, slightly experimental course ideas which could operate in either geography or environmental studies. Other material is simply here because it sounds cool…

Sonic Geographies was started in 2018 with the support of Dr. Gerry Pratt, Dept. of Geography, (UBC). Core contributions also came from Bret Petersen and Kristen Roos. I am presently administering the site from the University of Cambridge.   

             – Max Ritts  (mjr223@cam.ac.uk)

Top Image- Max Ritts, Dissertation fieldwork (2012-15). Bottom Image – Samson Young (2012-14) “Liquid Border” https://www.thismusicisfalse.com/liquid-borders

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