Ten Background Noise Commandments

aka, how to avoid background noise in your interview recordings:

I Thou Shalt Avoid Interviews In Corridors Where People Walk By

II Thou Shalt Avoid Interviews Windows Facing Busy Car-Humming Roads

III … Avoid Computers That Produce Audible Hums and/or Connect to Noisy Printers

IV … Avoid Large light fixtures, which produce an annoying buzz you may only notice later.

V Large Rooms Are Generally Netter Than Smaller Rooms For Echo-Control.

VI Record AWAY From Walls, Preferably In The Middle Of The Room.

VII Soft Walls – Wallpaper And Wood – Are MUCH Better Than Marble And Other Hard Vibratory Surfaces. Carpet is ideal.

VIII When Conducting Interviews, Nod In Response (Instead Of saying “Yes” or “Uh-Huh”)… unless you want A LOT of “Uh-Huhs” In Your Interview (Who Knows).

IX Rustling Paper, And/Or Flicking Pages Can Sound Lovely And Can Also Sound Irritating. It Depends on Your Aesthetic (Good to Have One More of Less Figured Out First). 

X Once You Have Positioned The Microphone, Do Not Move It Unless You Must.  

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